Paid a visit to the Rimbun Dahan today, the house and tropical garden of architect Hijjas Kasturi. I was made to study the Tabung Haji building by lecturer during my architectural year, and it is now a privilege to visit the house of the architect itself. Besides Tabung Haji in Kuala Lumpur, the iconic Menara Maybank and Telekom Tower are also from the same hand. Bilqis Hijjas, the daughter of Hijjas Kasturi gave a morning guided tour of the 14-acre land which houses several contemporary architectures and a native Asian tropical garden. With more than 100 species of trees in this "garden", it is more like a forest to me but Bilqis asserted that it cannot be called a forest technically because the land and soil are not of the "wild"。

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As its name suggests the Underground Gallery is located beneath the central plaza beside the loggia connecting the Main House, an art exhibition space that is currently hosting the permanent collections from the Rimbun Dahan. The large circular gallery is brightly lit up by the central air well, a unique and functional form it is。


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