1945 to Now

Yayoi Kusama


You see a myriad of Yayoi Kusamas, but there is only one Yayoi Kusama in the cosmos. “Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now” retrospective exhibition at M+, with more than 200 paintings, drawings, installations, sculptures, videos, printed emphera and immersive experience, let you see how Yayoi Kusama transformed from a depressive, obsessive, processive to an expressive artist of the century, and let you experience how Yayoi Kusama changed from having fears, hallucinations and mental illness to having compulsion to live and to love.

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Clouds (2019) installation by Yayoi Kusama. A place to pause, meditate, connect with the universe and the many reflections of yourself on the mirror-finished clouds, remember, you are now above the clouds。今天,成仙,在高處俯瞰雲朵和人間。

keep painting

The hall of "Force of Life 生命的力量", a series of "happiness" paintings by Yayoi Kusama after she walked out from her early bitter life, flaunting her compulsion and determination to live and to love.


Dots Obsession (2022), an immersive space providing kaleidoscopic perceptual experiences with giant suspending polka dot balloons and infinity mirrors。比周杰倫更黑色幽默的黑色幽默。

i die

"Ater all, well, moon is a polka dot, sun is a polka dot, and then, the earth where we live is also a polka dot."

1945 to Now