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MEET THE LUXURY Porum Luxe; Le Circa; Capsquare Residences - interior design photography | Nov 2010
TIBET PANORAMA 12 Tibet panoramas to impress - the Himalayas, Friendship Highway, Rongbuk Monastery, Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Tso, Potala Palace, Everest Base Camp, etc... | Nov 2010
BOUDHANATH Located right in the middle of restless Kathmandu streets, I was rewarded with peace and tranquility as soon as I stepped into the holy compound of the Stupa. 走进博达哈大佛塔,天堂就在你我身边 | Nov 2010
Mt EVEREST Seeing the first rays of sun hit the North Face makes getting up in the cold worth it. 我舍都不干了,只知道我花费了几句钟说服自己眼前高耸入云的雪峰就是闻名于世的珠穆朗玛峰 | Oct 2010
TIBET, THE SUN Getting roasted under the Tibetan sunlight, when you get a chance, why not? 有空,到西藏感受一下那里的阳光吧!对了,别忘了你的墨镜 | Sep 2010
SICHUAN PANORAMA The vast land belongs to the yaks, the snowcapped mountains belong to the yaks, the blue sky too. To the yaks, I am just nothing more than a passerby. 在这里,草坪是牦牛的,雪山也是牦牛的,蓝天也是 | Aug 2010
MOUNT KINABALU The height, the hike and the hope. 我以一颗登山者之心,为大地许愿;我携着爱护大地的使命,为大地祈福。在四千公尺的高空,神山听见了我为大地祈福 | May 2010
香格里拉,一个全世界最动听的音符 记住,对地球多一份珍惜,给地球多一份平静,别让这绮丽仙境般的香格里拉永远消失在你我的地平线上 | Apr 2010
LOST IN TRANSLATION –verb (used on human being), present tense: lost own self in lavishness, lost one's dignity, lost in Tokyo. 以前在旅途中,因为前面的风景太美丽而停不下双脚,越走越远;现在来到东京,因为眼前的包装太华丽而停不下双手,越买越多 | Mar 2010
INTO PAKISTAN When other countries celebrate Independence Day by lighting up colorful fireworks in the sky, Pakistan celebrates this special day by firing solid bullets into the air! Follow the link above to read more... | Jan 2010
LIVING THE BURMESE DAYS Take a sneak peak into Seeming's 20-day backpacking in the land of Buddha - Myanmar, a country you must observe, experience and appreciate with an open heart | Jan 2010
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Going nowhere |  Nov 2010
The Baliland |  Dec 2010
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Hear me talk! at Wisma Buddhist KL, May 16, 我要当艺愫家 (in Mandarin)
Hear me talk! at KL Canon Pro Centre, Mar 28 on 'Travel Photography'
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