SHANGHAI, another part of China (besides Xiamen) where I set my footprint on. Dec 13, 2003 was the winter time when I boarded a plane to Shanghai for a week, too short a trip I would say. My thought about Shanghai? People, people and people, it's a modern city packed with people on the streets.. If you like observing people's behavior, I suggest sipping a cup of coffee in a Sunbucks cafe by a road site, you will be amazed by what Shanghaian can do in a day. And of course, don't forget your jacket, though not as cold as Beijing, winter in Shanghai can still freeze your cup of coffee, if you are not careful.

Besides sipping a cup of coffee, you can take a train ride to the surrounding areas and villages.. Zhuo Zhuang can be one of the best choices, the wooden and muddy block houses depict the classic China country life, and the living by riverside creates strong sense of Venice of the east.

I am going to show you my Shanghai photos in the next 7 pages, all taken with my 2 year old Fuji 6900 Zoom.

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