The Journey
I thought I have the world perfectly framed, but new perspectives found me. Perhaps this is why I never stop travelling. Let's see Seeming see the world.

EMOTIONS art installation by Poh Sin Studio

YAYOI KUSAMA さまやよい 草間彌生 1945 to Now

MINDFULNESS in calligraphy, keep calm, observe and appreciate


LOSTGENS saving the lost art

CLIFF & MAX fun-filled candle workshop


PANGKOR LAUT It is paradise here!

I LAVA YOU at Route Five 五号公路咖啡馆

TAIHETANG A talking museum 会说故事的泰和堂


H A Z E coming soon to KL

MY TIME with the MRT

VAN GOGH is alive

KLCC in IWD purple

FEW DAYS of majestic stay

CHOW KIT The energetic

BAKUL with love is in the air!

ETERNAL LOVE by Master Yap Hong Ngee

RED HONGYI Once Upon a Longtang

SINGAPORE The Jewel, Changi

BANGKOK City Reopened

MALAYSIA Malaysia /2022

MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur /2020

REXKL Come say hi to @hellorexkl

KLOE HOTEL Wes Anderson's style of dining experience

ALILA Entier French dining

MALAYSIA Pangkor Island

MALAYSIA Voyager's Retreat 归航楼

MALAYSIA Taste of Love 爱の味

JAPAN 14 days road trip

BEIJING Phoenix Center 北京凤凰中心

BEIJING Fragrant Hill Hotel 北京香山饭店

BEIJING Daxin Airport 大兴国际机场

THAILAND 8-day sawadika road trip

KANCHANABURI The Z9 and the Inchantreedoopool

RIVER KWAI The dealth railway

AYUTTHAYA Sala Ayutthaya stands out from the rest unlike any other

KETAM An enjoyable weekend trip from Kuala Lumpur

POLESTAR 极星 the Space

CHINA 11 beautiful bookstores in China

NAOSHIMA 南瓜 Like it (pumpkin) or not, in Naoshima, we are all Yayoi Kusama’ed

VOLVO Chengdu brand experience centre 沃尔沃汽车品牌体验中心

HARBIN 哈尔「冰」

CUANDIXIA 爨底下村,snow-capped village after the late arriving snow in 2018

SHAANXI White Huashan 华山「滑」山

WEST LAKE Hangzhou 西湖夕阳静谧如画,湖似镜面,美不胜收。

GUANGZHOU Following Heartpatrick's footstep 广州人

HANGZHOU QIANJIANG A Different Hangzhou, A Different Wallet 不一样的杭州,不一样的钱包

HANGZHOU LIBRARY 这里除了书之外,还有水、光、影和清水混凝土

WILD GREAT WALL The once a fortified great wall was forlorn and forsaken like a desert 野长城的美,是孤独。孤独的人,是野长城

ON THE ROAD AGAIN Paradise road 平凡之路

EUROPE Road trip from Munich down to Dubrovnik

TAIWAN Taipei 台北民國104年

HOKKAIDO Furano & Biei

RAJASTHAN Jaisalmer and Udaipur

ON THE ROAD From Fes to Marrakesh

MOROCCO in panorama

CHEFCHAOUEN 每个转角都是一幅美丽的抽象画,一幅深蓝一幅浅蓝重重叠叠地构成了美丽的蕭安舍夫沙萬古城

SCENTS OF MOROCCO In Morocco, a wave of wanderlust overcomes us

STILT FISHING Extremely picturesque, stilt fishing is unfortunately a dying art today

JAPAN Random Shots 写意

COCOA ISLAND Maldives, its beauty can be sensed and felt even with our eyes closed! 到一个闭上眼睛也能感受到大海美丽的国度,马尔代夫

ILIGHT SINGAPORE Marina Bay Fest 2012 照亮滨海湾

TAJ MAHAL in 2011 Revisit 美丽盛放 泰姬陵

BAGAN GALLERY The jaw-dropping beauty of Bagan the sacred land of Buddha, be captivated! 蒲甘可以如此的华美,也可以如此的苍凉,徜徉在历史与现实之间,更显沧桑美丽

READING BAGAN 蒲甘,也许真期望着能永远活在从前,没有当下。身不由己,离开了华丽的往昔,是苦是烈,也得支撑下去,选择好好活在当下,即孤独又无奈,唯有靠旅者和供奉者长期的陪伴 (article)

FINDING SHANGRILA The lands of Yunnan and Sichuan, heavenly places that promise to make you forget where you are... 21 days in paradise!

TIBETAN GALLERY Three weeks in Tibet, as opposed to Brad Pitt's seven years 走入西藏,在不食人间烟火的一片净土,把心放下,就是天堂

TWO FACES OF BALI Some random shots, with a compact cam 随意。拍。巴厘岛

MOUNT KINABALU The height, the hike and the hope 我以一颗登山者之心,为大地许愿;我携着爱护大地的使命,为大地祈福。在四千公尺的高空,神山听见了我为大地祈福

LOST IN TRANSLATION –verb (used on human being), present tense: lost own self in lavishness, lost one's dignity, lost in Tokyo 以前在旅途中,因为前面的风景太美丽而停不下双脚,越走越远;现在来到东京,因为眼前的包装太华丽而停不下双手,越买越多

LIVING THE BURMESE DAYS Take a sneak peak into Seeming's 20-day backpacking in the land of Buddha - Myanmar, a country you must observe, experience and appreciate with an open heart

THE TRAIL+ View more trailing footprints by year or by country

只有远走和高飞 为你带来远眺和惊喜
The Gallery
If travel is a collage of colors, music, fragrances, gourmet & contacts, then living up to the five senses is the soul of Seeming's photography. Let's view some of the best photographs by Seeming in a visual lightbox.

LIGHTBOX #1: The Last Decade and a Half

LIGHTBOX #2: 2017 in China

LIGHTBOX #3: 2018 in China

LIGHTBOX #4: 2019 in China

LIGHTBOX #5: The Recent Years (coming soon)

LIGHTBOX #6: PANORAMA (coming soon)

是时候 换个角度看世界
The Article
Photography is a journey, a journey to the unknown. The journey showcases the many beautiful places Seeming had discovered, and the events he had witnessed. A place to read more about Seeming's photography journey and thoughts.


CANON 20D WITH SEEMING by Digital Camera Magazine


为何要出走? WHY TRAVEL? by Seeming

当你失去方向的那刻,也就是旅程的开始 by Seeming

摄影。忆 by Jingying

帶著鏡頭遠走高飛 by 艾琳

人生神色动人的一堂课 by Seeming

香格里拉,一个全世界最动听的音符 by Seeming

三镇记 by Seeming

在这里,只要你想见到天堂,天堂就会出现在你眼前 by Seeming

蒲甘的佛塔,地上的星星 by Seeming

梦的力量有多深 天就有多高 心的力量有多大 路就有多远
The Photographer
Photography is the way to hear Seeming talk; design is the medium enabling him to express more.

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Tell Seeming, if you wish to express your fondness for; throw him criticisms; buy him a cuppa at Starbucks; tell him a secret, offer him a job; reuse his images; hire him as a cameraman; sponsor him a photography trip; invite him to write a book; or simply up for a quick chat.

世民 /七字辈



当你失去方向的那刻 也就是旅程的开始
The Others
"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." So says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now is the chance to find out more and carry it with us.

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