[SEP 1, 2004]
This is my second attempt on twin towers after my first KLCC shots on Jun 14. Two & a half month away, what do I have to offer? I was in & out KLCC for countless times, not that I work there, but I stay too near the proximity.. and for solely two purposes: one for Kinokuniya, and another to do with my camera. Last month, an article in local newspaper announced that camera and video equipments are prohibited inside Suria due to security reason, except the central atrium when events are on, not sure how true it is, as I still have the intention to take more internal shots.. Well, looks like I've to hide my big camera in a backpack next time, in order to do some 'illegal' things. Don't catch me, I'm a good guy!

[SEP 2, 2004]
I'm very pleased that KLCC was erected years ago, adding some spice to the boring Kuala Lumpur skyline, and most importantly, it offers more interesting window views from my home and office. This Islamic architecture really amazed me, I can always stand in front of its 88-storey twin towers, staring at it from top to down (imagine it's 452m in height), left to right and from day to night, admiring what Cesar Pelli (& the associated KLCC architects) has brought to M'sia, what a wonderful masterpiece. We M'sian should be proud of this once-a-world tallest and distinctive building. I was once dreamt to venture into architecture, and God knows why I was forced to live in buildings designed by architect rather than being one. Please don't laugh, I do know names like Ken Yeang, I.M. Pei, Antoni Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, and my respected Morphosis, who shapes the deconstruction movement in architecture, no play play.

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