11.6.04| Really enjoy this calm and nature-like place, from far it's part of the earth, and inside I feel like living under the earth. I like the smell of the tree, and the sitting by the running stream, with natural stones all around. The cloudy sky out there truly let me down on this Sunday evening , ended up spending few hours in this second world that caught me busy with photo snapping.

10.7.04| Thought of spending a weekend away from the hustle Kuala Lumpur city life? don't have to think far, a short distance drive will take you to an 'heaven and earth' - the Putrajaya Shangri-la, a hotel that rises above the heavenly horizon, and yet co-exists with the nature earth seamlessly. Being an 'unpaid' cameraman for an over-night function, I never stopped seeking every photographing opportunity, while enjoying myself in this 5-star hotel that is so close to the nature.

If you're there next time, dun forget the spa and the altitude swimming pool that oversees putra horizon. Last but not least, the crew at shangri-la is truly 5-star, great work.

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