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MY GENERATION Brought up in the village or country site, and live in city nowadays. The new generations (or rather the generation-x) stay in the modern city since they were born, play with gadget toys while they are just 2, chat on internet with girlfriends at 5, and most likely going to spend the 2nd half of their lives floating in our mighty universe, the term 'village' to them could be an anonymous. I'm glad to spend my childhood in a village, lots of memorable moments to live on. My friends in China told me many interesting childhood stories they had lived thru, the one i like in particular was.. bury a firecracker with cow excrement (aka shit), run as fast as possible before it blows up into pieces in the sky, whoever two that get the falling pieces on the face will be paired up as husband and wife in future... so romantic.

Kampung means village in Malay. I live thru my childhood dream once again with my camera lens, before it gets too far away. | the journey | the trail | tell seeming | have you been there? | seeming’s photoblog