'Lo' means year and 'sar' means new, Losar is the New Year for Ladakhian, celebrated annually after every 11 months and 9 calendar days. Being an important event in Ladakh, this event also serves as a social ground for Ladakhian, where countless celebrations and activities such as dance, drama, music, marriage, feasting are carried out. In 2006 Losar fell on Dec 21, it also meant that I had to photograph this festival at sub-zero degree Celsius on a highland over 3,500m above sea level. Unlike the local Ladakhian who dressed 'scantily', I tugged myself under 4 layers of jumpers and heavy glove to prevent over freezing. Under this extreme temperature, Ladakhian continued to sing and dance gracefully in their homeland. These sets of 14 images depict a subset celebration of Losar - the Chakar Ceremony, which is to fight against and set aflame the dark evils (represented by eerie skeletons) to exchange for an evil-less and peaceful year ahead. It took place at Spituk Monastery 2 days before the actual New Year. I was absolutely amazed by the sight and sound of the whole ceremony.
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