No doubt Indonesia had not fully escaped the monsoon season in the month of March. The God of Rain continued to pour tonnes and tonnes of water from the sky, causing severe floods and macet in several areas of Jakarta. Mar 2nd was however, an exceptional day. It was an ultra ‘fine’ day with clear blue sky, in fact, too ‘fine’ a day to engage in any outdoor activities. A large group of us had decided to brave the heat this fine day on a quest to become a millionaire (in dollar term, not rupiah!). Yes, we embarked on an Amazing Race program (Jakarta version). As a ritual, we performed a no-rain dance, in the hope that the God of Rain will mercifully grant us a rainless day. While the teams were trying to outwit each other under the scorching sun by finding the amazing clues and racing to the destinations, I was leisurely strolling on the Ancol beach front, shielding myself from the intense heat under some tall coconut trees and enjoying the sea breeze (not to mention I also secretly took a ride on the flying gondola - cable car). WTH!! This is a luxury one can have by becoming an ‘official’ photographer! Obviously I didn’t perform my duty well that day. Torn between being roasted under the natural oven and abandoning the job description, I chose the latter, haha! In the end, I couldn’t recall which team won the million dollars, all I remembered was seeing my dear colleagues cooked to ‘well done’. They were all heroes and heroines! In the evening, when the sun finally made way for a beautiful dusk, we adjourned to our next venue - a romantic restaurant with tropical setup - the Segarra Restaurant. A perfect setting for the cooked-to-well-done boys and girls to cool down and chill out after the Amazingly Panas Race. Needless to say, we enjoyed the beautiful night to the fullest till we forgot about the heat we suffered in the morning. Lets go dugem tonight, Segarra ni memang gaul!