Have you ever tried shooting a rapid on a bancas (native canoe)? Come to Pagsanjan for a thrilling three-hour bancas ride that ends at the foot of a 100-meter high waterfall. Never underestimate the capability of a small bancas, its tough build can safely take you through the fourteen roaring rapids without capsizing, flying through rocky surfaces without falling apart. The journey started off on shallow water, and Pagsanjeño boatmen skillfully maneuvered the way through winding rivers and deep gorges. The ride gave us double dose of thrill, at the same time keeping our eyes busy with astonishingly beautiful and rugged canyon-like landscape. Upon arriving at the Pagsanjan Falls, one might immediately thank God for a smooth ride. I thanked God for keeping my Camera safe and dry. Seeing the rainbow after the rains, it made the trouble we went through seemed trivial | Click on the image above to begin the thrill