Most people tend to associate Telok Gong with seafood. Be it Klangites or KLians, they deluge Telok Gong’s numerous seafood restaurants on weekends and public holidays like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not a big fan of seafood, so a seafood feast date with one of these popular Telok Gong seafood restaurants was not the reason why I was speeding at 120km per hour on the highway to this sleepy village. The obscure little jetty at the edge of the village was the reason for that…

Old and dingy, most people probably won’t give this place so much as a thought, much less coming here for an outing on May Day. Little did they know that this little fishing village in Telok Gong offers view of dazzling sunset on those clear sky days. With a bit more luck, you even get a nice blue sky to go with the sunset too. Yes, believe it… this is one of those very few riverside places in Klang Valley where you can catch golden sunsets. No long distance travelling required, a 40-minute drive from KL is all it takes.

So, on this laid-back May Day evening, five of us found ourselves VIP seats in front of this natural theater of wonder, eagerly anticipating the beautiful shades that would adorn the sky at dusk. To our surprises, some locals did the same. They live here all their lives and watch the sunset day after day, yet they never take it for granted. They are just as glad to break free from their busy daily routine to play audience to this enchanting moment. Some men even spend their time angling while watching the sun goes down the horizon. This led me to a thought. While obsessively pursuing the finer things in life (i.e. material comfort), people often forget to stop and appreciate the finest things in life. What are the finest things in life? A leisure stroll with friends along the riverside on a quiet evening, capturing beautiful and interesting scenes with our cameras, having good laughs over some silly jokes and discoveries, immersing ourselves in the mellow stillness of dusk, and many more. All these are the finest things in life that I should take time to enjoy… and I am glad to have shared these with my friends and also the locals at this delightful place.

Interesting village, interesting people, and a great sunset… we were all satisfied with the quiet time spent here, also the beautiful sunset that became the feast for our eyes. No complaints even though we went home without indulging in any seafood.

Drafted by Seeming, edited by Joyce Lee | Click here for village location