Angkor Temples, Siem Reap  

With a 3-day temple pass everyone should be exploring the same temples at almost the same time, with the same route and in the same pace. All I can say is the temple structures are massive and the carvings are artistically interesting. You may ask if anyone ever gets bored seeing the temples? Not me though. "See rock again?" My gang started out with much anticipation but ended with tears and long dragging voice on the third day.

In short, we feasted our eyes on the temple of all Gods, Angkor Wat; the giant face carvings of Angkor Thom; the temple ruins with growing trees at Ta Phrom; the 5-pyramid sandstone temple of Pre Rup; the breathtaking sunset at Phnom Bakheng; the delicate beauty of Banteay Srey and many more within the perimeter of Angkor Archaeological Park. Most temples are unshielded, so sunblock and airy clothing are necessary under such extreme heat. We hardly found ourselves visiting the loo due to active and excessive body perspiration.

One thing worth mentioning is the Peace of Angkor Villa where we stayed at. As its name suggests, this villa is a peaceful place to unwind after an exhausting day at the temples. Most importantly, the villa's amenities are well-maintained, and British owner Dave and his crew are friendly and attentive at all times. If you are a photog like me, staying at this villa is highly recommended as Dave is a great photographer himself. You can seek expert advice from him or simply browse through the photography magazines lying around in the villa. If you are looking for a budget accommodation, I strongly recommend this villa. |

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