Beng Mealea, Siem Reap  

Being the new highlight in Siem Reap, Beng Mealea is a remote forest temple that is less touristy. A 2 to 3 hours muddy drive to the North will lead you to this temple, which offers you a fabulous photography opportunity that you absolutely won’t want to miss. Though word is spreading fast about this newly discovered temple, there was only another small group touring around on the day we were here.

Beng Mealea is 1 square kilometer in proximity and is said to be the prototype for Angkor Wat. Due to its perilous nature, a tour guide was necessary to safeguard us from stepping on undiscovered landmines. Well not quite, the site was demined a year ago and the jungle is safe to explore, it's even an ideal place for a hide-and-seek game, if you are daring enough. We just have to be extra cautious as we are required to clamber over huge piles of rubbles, squeeze over broken windows, walk pass narrow paths to a higher platform, passage through dark tunnels in order to get to the best parts of the ruins. If you are an adventurous photographer, Beng Mealea has it all!

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