WHAT'S ON? Nothing fancy. Merely a tiny space for Seeming to express his thoughts - be it a post on the latest journey, a recent activity, a creative (and crazy) idea, or simply to inform that he has just lost his direction in a foreign land. Like the next version of Twitter, with a slight touch of the Blogger...
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  Goodbye 2008! Looking back, Seeming has been living in 9 countries in the year of 2008. He has successfully turned his home into a hotel, and the countries he visited into his home. Ops.. time to set new year resolutions, Happy New Year! | 2008.12.31
  Welcoming New Year in Saigon. Seeming's last trip of the year, 8 days in HCMC | 2008.12.25
  Incredible India. In 2006, Seeming spent 171 days in India. In 2007, Seeming spent 365 days thinking of India. Today, as Seeming takes a walk down memory lane, his longing for India is rekindled again... (watch the slideshow and videos presented on a KL photography event - PK4) | 2008.12.13
  On Print !One Journey /vol 2. View the second 'One Journey' photobook online. A collection of beautiful images from seemingphoto.com | 2008.12.08
  Going Jakarta, Trip 4. 2 weeks this time. Seeming had obviously fallen in love with Jakarta. He simply couldn't get his mind off the Nasi Padang, Javanese and Sundanese cuisines | 2008.10.19
  10-day Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. Himalaya, a place where heaven and earth meet. Ten days of ups and downs, rises and falls, joys and cries; the Himalaya will never let you leave empty-handed | 2008.09.26
  New Look . Seeming gave seemingphoto.com a new look on its 4th year annivesary | 2008.09.22
  Welcome to Paradise. Back to Bangkok again. No candle blowing this time, only non-stop of massaging, shopping and eating | 2008.09.01
  Borobudur Presentation. This year, Seeming set out on another journey to a mammoth spiritual site - the Borobudur, with the hope of rediscovering myself | 2008.08.22
  Going Jakarta, Trip 3. Seeming started to like this city of Jakarta. Despite its annoying traffic pattern, the food there had captured Seeming's heart, soul and mouth | 2008.08.20
  Karachi Here I Come. Seeming was getting excited about his second trip to Karachi. He decided to stay there for 2.5 weeks till its National Day, where people celebrated with gunfire | 2008.07.31
  Blowing Candles in Bangkok. A city where Seeming celebrated his birthday | 2008.07.22
  Going Jakarta, Trip 2. This time, for 10 days | 2008.07.08
  Coriander Cooking Class, Singapore. Seeming used kitchen the first time in year 2008. He was still pondering over when was his last time walking into a kitchen | 2008.06.23
  In Manila for Its Sunset. 2.5 weeks in Philippines, with the opportunity to visit Manila, Tagaytay Ridge, Cebu, Bohol, and the luck to see 14 sunsets. What else can you ask for? | 2008.06.01
  Into Karachi. Seeming's first eyes-wide-open trip to Pakistan. He was greeted by a protocol (aka bodyguard) upon arrival at the airport who escorted him all the way to his hotel | 2008.05.24
  Going Jakarta. Seeming's much-awaited trip to Jakarta. He was overwhelmed by how large the land of Jakarta was | 2008.05.04
  Cameron Highlands. A 3-day excursion to a Strawberry highland | 2008.05.01
  Eat Eat Eat. Seeming was offered a chance to feast in Hong Kong the second time this year | 2008.04.14
  A Farmer's Paradise. Exploring the vast rice field in Sekinchan | 2008.04.02
  Lets Go Yum Cha. Nothing is more enjoying than yum cha'ing in Hong Kong | 2008.02.26
  Good Morning Melaka. A day trip to a lovely Portuguese town in Malaysia | 2008.02.22
  Home Sweet Home . Another interior design and concept by Seeming | 2008.01.22