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Merry X'mas!. Ho! Ho! Ho! It's time to hit the road again! This time, a 3-week walking on the Burmese land. I'm packing a backpack, a map and some 2009's feelings with me. Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year to you! | 2009.12.12
A Day in a Studio. Some model photo shots. Studio is fun, but the vast and mysterious faraway lands out there are still more tempting to Seeming! | 2009.12.06
Hall of Achievement. For one day, Seeming's name appeared in the Hall of Achievement of a Malaysian Chinese newspaper - ChinaPress. Click here to read the article titled 'Into the Faraway Land with My Lens', interviewed by Ai Ling | 2009.12.01
Hear Me Talk!. You’ve seen my photos, read my articles, now is a chance to hear me talk! 'Free and Independent Travel Talk', Nov 28, 11.30am at the 11th World of Chinese Book Fair, Mines Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur | 2009.11.15
Finding Shangri-la. Take a sneak peak on Seeming's 22-day backpacking to Shangri-la, Daocheng and Yading | 2009.11.15
Into the Faraway Land. A beautiful year 2010 desktop calendar designed by Seeming, featuring select pictures taken by Seeming during his various journeys | 2009.10.03
Let's facebook. seemingphoto.com on Facebook, join as a fan today to receive updates on latest journeys | 2009.09.29
Images on Sale. Seeming's photos are available for sale on Alamy stock photography site. If you are interested in images on seemingphoto.com that are not yet on Alamy, feel free to write to Seeming directly. More images will be uploaded to Alamy in time. | 2009.09.04
The Article. The Article page is updated with Seeming's photography experience and thoughts | 2009.09.02
Bonjour Vietnam | Hoi An. Everyone who comes to Hoi An has the same intentions, to live through the fascinating past of Vietnam; to... | 2009.07.22
Eco Day. The day we go all the way green by rolling up our sleeves to become one-day farmers | 2009.05.23
Bukit Tabur. They say if you slip from the Everest, you drop all the way to America. Here at Bukit Tabur, maybe you'll end up in the garden of one of the rich men's bungalow at the foot of the hill | 2009.05.18
Panorama. 17 mesmerizing panoramas to capture your heart and soul | 2009.05.12
Sunset of Telok Gong. Interesting village, interesting people, and a great sunset… we were all satisfied with the quiet time spent here, also the beautiful sunset that became the feast for our eyes | 2009.05.01
Mui Ne. A perfect place to unwind after an exhausting backpacking journey in Vietnam | 2009.04.22
Heavenly Yoga. Broga Hill, a perfect location to unite our mind, body and inner soul with its serene surroundings | 2009.04.18
Garut Landscape. I came to Garut for its mesmerizing panorama. I came to Pameungpeuk for its beautiful beaches. I came to Candi Cangkuang for a story about a lake, a temple and a village | 2009.04.12
Kampung Naga. It doesn’t take a beautiful narration to entice me to pay Kampung Naga a visit, its unique name itself suffices. ‘Kampung’ is Village and ‘Naga’ is Dragon, you can work out the full name in English yourself | 2009.03.22
Paint the Sky with Colors. It is undoubtedly a perfect venue for me to revisit my childhood dream of chasing for colorful balloons | 2009.03.19
Carrot Please. The animals in Puncak Safari were frantically calling out for carrots and bananas | 2009.03.18
The Amazing Race. I rather called it the Amazingly Panas Race due the intense heat we had to endure. Thanks God the Segarra 'dugem' night was a blissful one, a perfect venue to chill out after a sunny day | 2009.03.18
Shooting the Rapid. Upon arriving at the Pagsanjan Falls, one might immediately thank God for a smooth ride. I thanked God for keeping my Camera safe and dry. Seeing the rainbow after the rains, it made the trouble we went through seemed trivial | 2009.03.16
Hot Air Balloon. This morning, I let countless colorful balloons send my childhood dreams to the sky| 2009.03.12
The Javanese Feast. Seeming has a great plan in mind - to revisit all the superb foods one more time for his 2-week trip back to Jakarta | 2009.02.18
Chap Goh Mei. Seeming is getting ready to celebrate Chap Goh Mei in Manila | 2009.02.07
Saigon. Rumbling motorbikes, hollering hawkers, bustling markets, dirty streets, roadside food stalls, back lane morning rush and toiling farmers are common sights and sounds of Saigon | 2009.02.02
New Gadget. Seeming is getting the best of both worlds - Mac OS X Leopard and Windows 7, in a single machine | 2009.01.22
What's On. After 3 nights of burning the midnight oil, seemingphoto.com's What's On screen is ready to rock. Don't forget to subscribe to its RSS feed for the latest posts | 2009.01.15
Back to Nasi Padang Land. Seeming is spending 2 weeks in Jakarta before CNY | 2009.01.11
Gong Xi Gong Xi. A happy upcoming Chinese New Year to all Chinese viewers | 2009.01.10
Chasing the Leopard. Seeming is about to get his first Mac OS, wu hu | 2009.01.09
The Journey Explorer. Explore the world today with the new Journey Explorer, an interactive map designed to bring you to places Seeming had discovered. Click on The Trail by map now to explore | 2009.01.08
The Journey Viewer. The first Flash gadget introduced by Seeming, takes you through the beautiful images from Seeming's many journeys. View The Trail by image to experience the Journey Viewer now | 2009.01.02
It's 2009. Happy New Year! Let me share with you my humble New Year resolution -
I don't care, I want a Canon 5D Mark II | 2009.01.01