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Two Faces of Bali. Some random shots, with a compact cam 随意。拍。巴厘岛 | 2010.12.28
Our New Beginning. Tying the knot, Shu & Foong's wedding photo-book | 2010.12.22
Qinghai-Tibet Railway. A round trip train ticket to paradise 一个把你从陆地载到天堂再从天堂把你送回现实的高原火车 | 2010.11.28
Meet the Luxury. Porum Luxe; Le Circa; Capsquare Residences - ID photography | 2010.11.22
Tibet Panorama. 12 Tibet panoramas to impress - the Himalayas, Friendship Highway, Rongbuk Monastery, Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Tso, Potala Palace, Everest Base Camp, etc... | 2010.11.02
Boudhanath. Located right in the middle of restless Kathmandu streets, I was rewarded with peace and tranquility as soon as I stepped into the holy compound of the Stupa 走进博达哈大佛塔,天堂就在你我身边 | 2010.11.01
Mt Everest. Seeing the first rays of sun hit the North Face makes getting up in the cold worth it 我舍都不干了,只知道我花费了几句钟说服自己眼前高耸入云的雪峰就是闻名于世的珠穆朗玛峰 | 2010.10.22
Tibet, the Sun. Getting roasted under the Tibetan sunlight, when you get a chance, why not? 有空,到西藏感受一下那里的阳光吧!对了,别忘了你的墨镜 | 2010.09.17
China Panorama. Numerous mesmerizing China panoramas to capture your heart and soul | 2010.08.22
Tying-the-knot. Jonathan & Ing's wedding day - a movie presentation by seemingphoto.com | 2010.06.27
我要当艺愫家. 主讲:Dino(营养师、专栏作者、导师) 世民(摄影人、设计师、驴友) 当营养师遇见摄影人会擦出什么样的火花呢?这一对感性和理性的cross over, 一个是时尚摩登奶爸、一个是都市天才宅男; 一个喜欢以文字耍帅,一个追求画面的完美; 两个截然不同的背景、身份、嗜好、和对事物的观点都有各自的主见。然而,这两个来自不同星球的男人,却拥有共同的信念: 对即将消失的人类和大自然拥有无可抑扼的怜悯!于是他们愿意走在同样的道路上,以人类的语言,娓娓道出,如何把这一片美丽的大地永续保留给每个下一代!| 2010.05.16
Mount Kinabalu. The height, the hike and the hope. 我以一颗登山者之心,为大地许愿;我携着爱护大地的使命,为大地祈福。在四千公尺的高空,神山听见了我为大地祈福 | 2010.05.12
Ocean Kelantan. When was your last time there? A movie by seemingphoto.com | 2010.04.30
Kelantan Kota Bharu. We are Malaysians, but how many of us have been to Kota Bahru before? For those who had, did you see Kota Bahru as your final destination or just a stopover to its surrounding islands? This sleepy town really doesn’t worth your extra days? | 2010.04.30
2010 Kenyir Lake Media Fam Trip. 340 islands, 14 waterfalls, countless caves and 10 species of hornbill (more than Sarawak!) - these are compelling reasons for us to pay a visit to this lovely lake. So wait no longer, start your planning today! | 2010.04.26
三镇记. 「老板,再来一瓶『风花雪月』啤酒。」该继续我的白日梦了,这一次,誓言要把等了我已久的公主给吻上!丽江的今夜,明夜和后夜,也和昨夜一样,同样耐人寻味,不那么简单 | 2010.04.22
香格里拉,一个全世界最动听的音符. 人类已经不是为了希望活得更好而努力,而是为了不让自己受伤害而勤奔。记住,对地球多一份珍惜,给地球多一份平静,别让这绮丽仙境般的香格里拉永远消失在你我的地平线上 | 2010.04.12
Come with Me, Far and Away... A beautiful mind gives fruit to beautiful sights 美景,一直存在,只要有好心情 | 2010.04.08
Lost in Translation.  以前在旅途中,因为前面的风景太美丽而停不下双脚,越走越远;现在来到东京,因为眼前的包装太华丽而停不下双手,越买越多。–verb (used on human being), present tense: lost own self in lavishness, lost one's dignity, lost in Tokyo | 2010.03.13
人生「神」色动人的一堂课. 他的用心聆听,编织了许许多多你我真实的故事;他的照片,是你我生命的另一种呈现,让人看了激赏、让人感动,也叫人落泪。所有的人与事都会离开,只有林声老师能够把最温软的时光给留着 | 2010.03.08
Thaipusam 2010. Nothing has changed - the devotees, the kavadis, the hope, the faith, the perseverance, the colours, the music, the chantings, and the pain devotees have to endure. The only change is in me perhaps | 2010.01.31
Into Pakistan. When other countries celebrate Independence Day by lighting up colorful fireworks in the sky, Pakistan celebrates this special day by firing solid bullets into the air! | 2010.01.22
Sold Out. Total of 1048 Into the Faraway Land calendars sold and RM1048 donated to UNICEF, thank you for your support! Donation Reference: 105137542 | 2010.01.18
Living the Burmese Days (preview). Take a sneak peak into Seeming's 20-day backpacking in the land of Buddha - Myanmar, a country you must observe, experience and appreciate with an open heart | 2010.01.05
2010 Calendar. My 2010 Into the Faraway Land calendar is still available for grab, place your order online now at the Shop or drop me a mail if you're interested | 2010.01.02
It's 2010. In 2009, I met my humble New Year resolution by getting myself a Canon 5D Mark II. 2010 is here, time for another humble resolution. Really a humble one this time - being a Malaysian, I just wish to see and make more photos of Malaysia, especially Sabah and Sarawak. Happy New Year and start using my 2010 'Into the Faraway Land' calendar! | 2010.01.01
New Year in Flash. Follow the link to view a New Year animated message from seemingphoto.com | 2010.01.01