WHAT'S ON? Nothing fancy. Merely a tiny space for Seeming to express his thoughts - be it a post on the latest journey, a recent activity, a creative (and crazy) idea, or simply to inform that he has just lost his direction in a foreign land. Like the next version of Twitter, with a slight touch of the Blogger...
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Bagan Gallery. The jaw-dropping beauty of Bagan the sacred land of Buddha, be captivated! 蒲甘可以如此的华美,也可以如此的苍凉,徜徉在历史与现实之间,更显沧桑美丽 | 2011.03.18
Reading Bagan. 蒲甘,也许真期望着能永远活在从前,没有当下。身不由己,离开了华丽的往昔,是苦是烈,也得支撑下去,选择好好活在当下,即孤独又无奈,唯有靠旅者和供奉者长期的陪伴 | 2011.03.12
Finding Shangrila. Yunnan and Sichuan, heavenly places that promise to make you forget where you are... 21 days in paradise! | 2011.02.28
Reading Shangrila. 只要你想见到天堂,天堂就会出现在你眼前。乡城、稻城,单是地名足以让我心动不已,身历其境更让我芳心似醉如痴。走进天堂了,最难办到的就是离开 | 2011.02.22
The Journey Reader. Online journey book by seemingphoto.com | 2011.01.22
New Year, New Look, New Hope. First New Year resolution is fulfilled, seemingphoto.com has a simple, clean white look, how do you find it? | 2011.01.08
Tibetan Gallery. Three weeks in Tibet, as opposed to Brad Pitt's seven years 走入西藏,在不食人间烟火的一片净土,把心放下,就是天堂 | 2011.01.03
It's 2011. Let the journey continue, Happy New Year! One of my New Year resolutions - start working on next year's calendar earlier ;) | 2011.01.01
New Year in Flash. Follow the link to view the New Year Flash presentation from seemingphoto.com | 2011.01.01